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Meeting at the park: on ancient paths... with new eyes

Flora, Fauna, and Geology - Buttogno-Valle del Basso (S. Maria Maggiore)

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Useful information on the Nature Trail

  • A ritroso nel tempo ("Back in Time")
    Pranero - Praudina
    Short and easy route (30 minutes / unimportant difference in height)

  • Attraverso i boschi ("Across the Woods")
    S. Maria Maggiore (800m) - Cappella di Larecchio (1,690m)
    Average difficulty and significant difference in height (2 hours and 15 minutes / difference in height: about 900m)

  • Bellezza e fatica di vivere in alto ("The Beauty and the Effort of Living in the Mountains")
    Cappella di Larecchio (1,690m) - Al Cedo (1,560m)
    Average difficulty (40 minutes / difference in height: about 130m)

  • I tempi della natura ("The Rhythms of Nature")
    Al Cedo (1,560m) - Laghetti del Geccio (2,100m)
    not including the detour to the outcropping rock called "il castello" ("the castle", 1,870m)
    Average difficulty and difference in height (1 hour and 45 minutes / difference in height: about 540m)

  • Insediamento, abbandono, rinascita ("Settlement, Abandonment, Rebirth")
    Patqueso (1,100m; A. Crotte 990m) - Bocchetta di Vald (1,820m)
    Average difficulty and significant difference in height (2 hours and 40 minutes / difference in height: 830m)

    Via the intermediate road A. Erta (1,270m)
    Average difficulty and moderate difference in height (1 hour / difference in height: about 280m)

    Connection: A. Erta (1,270m) - Al Cedo (1,560m): it allows hikers to pass from a stretch of an itinerary to another according to their selected route.
    Average difficulty and moderate difference in height (30 minutes difference in height: about 290m)

With this step-by-step guidebook, we will reach the territory of Val Grande National Park, crossing an "entrance" full of history: Bocchetta di Vald. A considerable part of the itinerary develops across one of the most beautiful and largest pasturelands of Vighezzo valley: in Valle del Basso, the so-called "munt da Britegn" (Buttogno Mountains). Reaching, walking by, crossing these places is source of continuous emotions for the diversified environments, the signs of the past present everywhere, the wonderful panoramas giving the idea of having under your eyes a wonderful illustrated book of geography.

This Nature Trail leaves from S. Maria Maggiore pinewood or from the indicated detour on the road to Valle Loana, in the Municipality of Malesco. Since the itinerary is quite long, and since it can be divided into autonomous stretches and followed in both directions, it has been divided into thematic routes, which are indicated on the map and in the map key. Along the itinerary, 25 panels and 6 reading-desks – mainly placed in the picnic areas equipped with wooden table and benches – present some of the features of the place through images and short texts

(photo by: Archivio Parco Nazionale Val Grande)
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